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Toronto, 312 Adelaide Street West, Suite 402, Toronto (Ontario) M5V 1R2 T 416.361.3393 F 416.361.0939 Toll free 1.800.787.1776

President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Reha

1.866.899.6685 (ext. 227)


Vice-President & Regional General Manager - Central Canada

Lino Ricco (ext. 240)




Indoor Advertising


Executive Vice-President,

Client Relations & Business Development

Jean-Philippe Leduc

1.866.899.6685 (ext. 223)


Director, Sales – Central Canada

David Vance (ext. 246)


Senior Account Executive

Mary K. Lally (ext. 227)


Senior Account Executive

Paul Pasanen (ext. 309)


Senior Account Executive

Enzo Loschiavo (ext. 241)


Account Executive

Mike Elliott (ext. 225)


Account Executive

David Gould (ext. 277)

(Parental leave)

Account Manager

Heather Cuthbertson (ext. 245)


Account Manager

Jamie Popplewell (ext. 301)


Account Manager

Tamara Sabarini (ext. 243)


Account Manager

Katie Gawlik (ext. 291)


Site Developer

Vicky Perakis (ext. 279)


Site Developer

Andrea Raso (ext. 233)



























Experiential Marketing


Vice-President, General Manager

Suzanne Lacroix

1.866.899.6685 (ext. 244)


Infield Supervisor




Marketing & Communications

Manager, Marketing and Communications

Kelly Young (ext. 274)





























Web & Publishing


Executive Vice President, Publishing & Content

Martine Desjardins

1.866.899.6685 (ext. 246)


Director, Business Development - Eastern Canada

Geneviève Roy

1.866.899.6685 (ext. 344)


Business Development


Executive Vice President, Client Relations & Business Development

Brian Wyatt (ext. 225)


Human Resources


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