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Become Newad’s partner in a targeted, credible,

high-performance, nationwide network.



1. Extra revenue

Newad is offering you the potential to earn additional revenue simply by using your unused space. This offer will be launched based on your clientele and the good standing of your business. Newad always acts with respect, and highly values your establishment’s mission and encourages its growth.

2. Innovative products

Newad is breaking new ground by offering a wide range of creative and avant-garde advertising products in a variety of formats that will adapt to your environment.

3. A network your clients like

Our latest research shows that your clientele has expressed positive reactions to our indoor billboard advertising. Our network is widely admired for its high-quality information and entertainment value. The network enhances your clientele’s consumption experience: 75% of clients are fans of the Classic Billboards and 88% are fans of the Digitals.


4. Big-name advertisers

For 20 years, Newad has been considered by its advertisers as a credible and high-performance company. Newad’s profound knowledge of its clientele, with the capacities of our billboard network, attracts some of the biggest advertisers in Canada.


5. Your peace of mind

Newad provides you with the complete package. No investment is required on your part. In accordance with your standards and requirements, our teams of installation experts take care of everything and ensure the perfect maintenance of the network.



6. Extra benefits!

Do you want to spread the word about your business? Newad also offers the option of exchanging your royalties for the use of its advertising network to promote your services in a targeted advertising campaign!

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