Let's Fly Away with the Young & Affluent!

Want to escape, need some rest, curious about other cultures..? These are all great reasons to go on a holiday; just ask the Young & Affluent (Y&A)! Indeed, a large proportion of them have travelled abroad in the past year (67% vs. 41% for total adults 18-49).

Furthermore, these young urban adults are generally not satisfied with taking only one vacation a year. As the saying goes: two is better than one! Consequently, more than 40% of them have gone on at least two international trips in the past 12 months. That’s 75% higher than the average 18-49 age group! This goes to show just how much the Y&A crave adventure and discovery. At this rate, they just might end up travelling around the globe!

Since the Young & Affluent (Y&A) are tech savvy and always connected, it's not surprising that a lot of them use websites and mobile apps to plan their trips. In fact, compared to total adults 18-49, they are twice as likely to book their travel online.

You are probably wondering where Y&A consumers go on their frequent travels? Due to the proximity of the U.S. border, it’s no surprise that the United States stands out as the most visited destination (69%). However, these young urban travellers are also likely to seek the warmth of the Caribbean (20%) and Mexico (12%) as well as the rich culture of Europe (17%) and Asia (10%).

The Young & Affluent take part in many activities when travelling abroad. Although sightseeing is the most important one (60%), about half of these travellers also use this opportunity to do some shopping (49%) and go to the beach (45%). Note that many of them also practice physical activities/sports (21%), visit museums/art galleries (19%) and go to bars/nightclubs (17%) while travelling.

Seeing how active the Young & Affluent are on vacation, it's clear that money is not an issue for these consumers. In fact, close to half of them spent at least $2,000 on their last trip abroad.

But all good things must eventually come to an end… so it's common that the moment we return from a vacation, we already wish that we could leave again. Y&A consumers are no different since the vast majority of them plan on travelling again (79%) within the next year (vs. 53% for total adults 18-49). Hence, it's pretty obvious that the Young & Affluent have been bitten by the travel bug and are what we could call "citizens of the world".