Fineau Case Study : A 100% Newad strategy

Fineau launched an indoor advertisement campaign for its new brand of cucumber and herbs flavored mineral sparkling water. The goal was to build brand recognition, image and notoriety amongst 18-49 olds living in Quebec, and to generate sales.

Fineau invested its entire media budget in Newad’s advertising network.


$ 300 000


Position Fineau as a luxurious yet affordable brand

Dominate the market with one medium – 100% of budget invested with Newad





200 Classic boards &
189 Digital boards
+/- 6.6M impressions

206 Classic boards & 
10 Big Backlit
+/- 2.2M impressions

18 Backlits &
12 Big Backlit
+/- 760K impressions




Great ROI after only two months

"Our strategy of going all out with Newad was the best one. Because of it, Fineau has already become a success story"

- Réjean Houle, Founder & Owner, Fineau

Fineau acquired a great visibility in a short period of time, and succeeded to build brand recognition amongst consumers as it showcased itself along great brands like Rogers, Budweiser and Ford in Newad’s boards.

The campaign even had some unexpected results: Fineau made some B2B relations with restaurants and bars owners: «They were calling us saying: ‘I’ve seen your advertising in the washrooms, could you send me your sales rep’», according to the businessman.

Fineau’s sales team has been really enthusiastic about the results of the Newad campaign. «Internally, we tried to analyse what makes Newad advertising work so well and we came to the conclusion that the restroom is a place where you really have the focus of the consumers, there is no distractions like on the road», said Régent Houle.