Photo credit: Instagram / @Kyliejenner

The retail industry shouldn’t advertise in the loo


25 years ago, statements like that could fly but in today’s world nothing could be further from the truth! Bathrooms are trending, and nowadays they’re completely integrated within the overall customer experience when visiting a bar or a restaurant.

If you’re into food magazines, you won’t be surprised to come across articles like Bon Appétit’sA Rant About Restaurant Bathroom ”  or Zagat’s  “8 sexy bathrooms around the US”, where the importance of bathroom design and fine-tuned details are highlighted. The bathroom of an establishment reveals its DNA and plays a crucial part in its identity. It wouldn’t be outrageous today to affirm that bathrooms weigh in our selection when we’re going out and that it can even be an experience to look forward to.

Skyfall Lounge at The Delano in Las Vegas (credit: Rivea)

Fashion magazines are also joining the bathroom conversation as they highlight the social craze of bathroom selfies and how public figures and socialites are picking up on the trend. When Vogue publishes articles about the best outfit to wear for your next bathroom selfie–that speaks volumes about how widespread this phenomenon is. 

There’s more. Consider the following: Tumblr blog "Dans les toilettes du Agrikol (Quebec), websites like Buzzfeed (USA) or Refinery29 (UK) and even regular newspapers e.g., Journal de Montréal (Quebec), all of them have published their list of the hottest spots to take the ultimate bathroom selfie.

No two ways about it, it’s a global thing: bathrooms have become a destination.

Even the reputable British daily newspaper The Guardian recently published a study of the motivational drivers behind taking a bathroom selfie. The reporter indicates that the privacy of a bathroom inspires the necessary confidence to take a selfie that one is likely to find good and share. It is a quest for likes and instant gratification while also being a statement about places where we hang out.

Aqua Shard at The Shard in London (credit: @ADAMDMORRIS)


With one million-plus geotagged and hash-tagged (#bathroomselfie) images on Instagram–whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em–bathroom selfies confirm what we’ve always known at Newad: bathrooms are a strategic place to connect to customers.