Photo credit: unsplash / Mantas Hesthaven

How millenials are changing the travel industry

Tech-savvy Vacationers

Often shared economy advocates (Airbnb, Turo, Lyft), Millennials know how to do their research. No wonder “travel on a budget” searches are up (+500%). They have lists of spots to hit up, from “best smoothie” to “best place to buy local art,” they know how to get around and, most of all, they can look everything up, on the spot. Not only do they feel in-the-know, they also maximize their travel dollars.

Meaningful Moment Seekers

Every trip, whether local or international, is a quest to create lifelong memories and, most of all, to capture amazing images along the way to show for it. How many Icelandic Blue Lagoon pictures have you come across over the past year, and how many of your friends ate gelato on the Amalfi Coast this summer?

One-of-a-kind Travel Experience Travelers

Straying from the well-trodden path is quickly becoming the general goal. Having individualized and off-the-radar experiences is (often) more affordable and leads to meeting locals, which then leads to even more off-the-beaten-path activities. That being said, it doesn’t mean that Times Square won’t be on the to-do list or that Machu Picchu is off the table.

What does it mean for the industry? It means no more cookie-cutter advertising! Take advantage of the fact that each client is now a potential endorsement opportunity and inspire them to discover whatever you have to offer.