Photo credit: Crédits photos : Melany Bernier

A custom activation for stand-up comic Jean-Michel Anctil

As part of promoting the upcoming show of stand-up comic Jean-Michel Anctil, Newad and KO Scène teamed up to create a custom activation in the Restobar network, in collaboration with HÀ restaurant in Old Montreal.  


The advertising campaign is based on the close-knit relationship that Jean-Michel Anctil and his public have, which allows the artist to meet his fans in a relaxed ambiance. The campaign rolls out on digital advertising boards in the restaurants restrooms, in addition to classic boards to increase impact and generate impressions.



In the video, Jean-Michel Anctil invites his clients to find him in the restaurant while he is seated, to win a pair of tickets for his upcoming show. The stand-up comedian gave away 15 pairs of tickets to happy clients in only 60 minutes. It made for very candid interactions which you can see in the video presented above.



The extensive flexibility of our digital displays contributed in creating a strong commitment to the overall accessible personality of the artist. In this case precisely, our screens allowed the advertiser to present a 30 second capsule during a predetermined period of time (60 minutes), taking into account the context in which the ad was broadcasted (a restaurant on a busy night).

Our digital screens open the way to multiple possibilities for creative campaigns. They allow for visual adaptation according to the time of day (dayparting) or the time of week it is presented, to create an even more relevant message. Furthermore, the advanced targeting options make it possible for a campaign to air only on the most relevant screens, ranging from only one to a group of advertising faces installed in locations responsive to precise criteria of geo-targeting, demography or ambiance, in the case of restaurant establishments for example.

Our digital offer therefore allows for an extremely targeted message - and highly pertinent for an audience - all while being a non-intrusive media that doesn’t interrupt any content consumption.


Jean-Michel Anctil

Jean-Michel  Anctil has been in the spotlight for over 20 years as an actor, improviser, radio & television show host and overall just a great storyteller.   He is currently on tour with his fourth show entitled J4en-Michel.