To land a deal, a tie isn’t mandatory. But to frame your brand in a professional-looking board, our network is. Advertise where people are brewing big money.

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High-End Segmentation

By targeting business people, we also target their large network of invaluable contacts. We’re talking about influential people who have some serious buying power. Some might call them opinion leaders; we like to call them luxury leaders.

Luxury Consumption

Take a good glance at the parking lots of business towers and you’ll quickly realize that they look like luxury auto shows. For people in this network, a car’s purpose does not rely solely on travelling from point A to point B; one’s got to get there in style! Let’s also not forget that those parking spaces come with quite a few zeros at the end of their price tag. #Cha-Ching

Consumption Habits

Between business trips and five star restaurants, their personal leisure activities are also pretty exorbitant. They own brand new gear for their yearly ski trip and let’s not forget that top of the line outdoor pizza oven they used once, two summers ago. If they don’t already have it, you best believe it won’t be long before they buy whatever it is that they’re missing.

The Crowd

This networks' crowd

Theo, 29

  • Not your average tax lawyer
  • Loves surfing
  • Drives a Nissan Leaf, but dreams of owning a Tesla
  • Has several hidden tattoos
  • Takes proper care of his beard 
"Its just an average day, I should be out of the office around 11 tonight"

Camilla, 33

  • Administrative Assistant to the VP of Business Development
  • Has a thing for expensive shoes
  • Carpools with a colleague who owns a car
  • On the weekends she sells vintage clothing on an online micro-boutique
  • Plans to name her first child Alexy – with a “y” not and “i”
"I”ll meet you at the bar, I’m just finishing up this file!"

Jean-Philippe , 42

  • Network Administrator
  • He’s always the first one to arrive at the office
  • Started boxing a few months ago to stay in shape
  • Considers himself a foodie and loves eating out
  • Takes a vacation down south at least once a year
"Did you watch the fight last night?"

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