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Effectiveness of experiential

Experiential Marketing is the best way to interact directly with the

Young & Affluent. They are more inclined to buy a product once they

have tried it, touched it, tasted it, or if they had a positive brand


According to a TARGET study, 80% of Young & Affluent consumers admit that they are more likely to buy a product if they had the chance to try it. Also, 46% affirm that a face-to-face interaction during a promotional event helped them develop a positive image of a brand.Higher pruchase intent

Think of all the buzz! Consumers that have a positive experience with a brand will much more likely talk about it than if they simply saw a TV ad. According to the Event Marketing Institute, 78% of people that engaged in a brand experience’s ‘’impact zone’’ during a promotional event spoke about the event to 4 people, on average.

Recommendations received from friends or relatives influence buying decisions tremendously. Almost all consumers (98%) recommend a brand if they have had a positive brand experience during an experiential marketing campaign.

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Download the results of our research on Experiential Marketing and understand why brand experiences work with Young & Affluent.

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