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Measurement & Accreditation

Newad’s Research department has a unique expertise in quantifying a campaign’s success, whether in Indoor Advertising, Special Projects, Publishing and Web. To get there, Newad used – and also implemented – precise quantitative measurement tools.

Instead of waiting for research tools to be developed, Newad takes the lead. We want to ensure that the data we provide our customers, advertisers and partners is accurate, and above all, representative of reality.

TRAFFIK is the most accurate tool for measuring the circulation in our Indoor Advertising network. We launched it in 2004 and invested $500,000 in its development. The result? It became the first specialized indoor advertising measurement tool that received accreditation from the Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau(COMB).

Also, you can discover TARGET, a database we developed to optimize indoor advertising campaigns.

Effective Campaigns

Our clients’ needs are diverse and specific. For this reason, we invest the time and human resources necessary for the creation of effective campaigns in Special Projects and in Content Marketing. Contact us for more information on our studies. Also, feel free to download them.

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