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Newad OnLine

Newad OnLine — Built for the Young & Affluent.
Get real reach. Relevant content. True engagement.

Boost your online campaigns with targeted placements on Newad’s network of websites trusted by the Young & Affluent to provide the news and trends that make them so unique.

Our media network offers direct access to high-volume Web properties delivering every month more than 5,76 million pages viewed by the 18 to 49 year olds and offers a reach of 48% to these influential Canadians.

Newad’s proven expertise with this sought-after demographic, we can help you authentically connect and engage with content that speaks to 18-49 year-olds.


Five more reasons to trust Newad OnLine

  1. Constantly updating our network to only offer relevant websites that reach and engage a passionate audience.
  2. Checking OnLine trends 24-7 so that we have the deepest understanding of the Young & Affluent.
  3. Blending demographic and contextual targeting to customize the right solutions for your campaign objectives.
  4. Providing savvy content creators to craft conversational messages that promote brand loyalty.
  5. Leveraging the Newad technology platform to deliver powerful campaigns that are always measurable and optimized.



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