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Web Properties

For over 10 years, Newad has had a strong presence on the web. Our expertise was primarily developed with NIGHTLIFE.CA, but today Newad has several other properties such as Dose.ca33mag, TPL, TPL MomsTon Barbier and Art Here.

Our various platforms publish exclusive content thanks to eager editors who are constantly abreast of the latest news. We create content that authentically engages the Young & Affluent.

Furthermore, our in-depth research, which allows us to better understand the online habits of the Young & Affluent, has revealed where they go to connect, learn and play, and which tools they use to surf the web. This explains how we can offer you a direct access to high-volume web properties that deliver, every month, more than 563 million page views to the 18 to 49's and 48% of influential Canadians. Newad OnLine also offers a mobile solution to efficiently reach the Young & Affluent across the country.

Boost your online campaigns with targeted placements on Newad OnLine’s network of websites, trusted by the Young & Affluent, to provide the news and trends that make them so unique.

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