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Why become a publisher

Why become a publisher

Earn revenue. Increase engagement. Drive up traffic.

Becoming part of Newad OnLine, the leading and most established national advertising network, could not be easier.

As a partner, you will benefit from royalties and other advantages with each advertising campaign. The credibility of Newad’s network among Canada’s advertisers will optimize your revenue potential.

With its innovative offer, long client list, award winning industry recognition and more than 20 years of experience, Newad has proven itself to be the most reliable source of additional income and added value for its partners.

Get onboard with Newad OnLine to:

  • Join a constantly updated network of other engaging, relevant sites
  • Build awareness and drive new visitors to your site
  • Inspire your site visitors to come back for more
  • Drive audience interaction around your brand

If you reach the Young & Affluent crowd and offer a safe online environment for brand advertisers, join now.

Newad OnLine specializes in helping publishers like you earn more revenue through a combination of run-of-site and spot-advertising buying.

Run-of-site buys

This strategy enables hundreds of quality advertisers to run ads on your website. You’ll draw some of the highest eCPM rates with unmatched fill via a wide variety of banners, pop-unders and rich media.

Spot buys

Our media planners will place specific ad buys in support of our advertisers’ campaigns on your highly-targeted sites. Spot buys command higher rates than rotational tag and relate to very specific placements or custom opportunities.

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