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Young & Affluent

The young urban crowd is a hard-to-reach segment that has a profound influence on consumer trends. At Newad, we specialize in knowing everything we can about this niche market, which resulted in the creation of the Y&A magazine. Most Young & Affluent consumers are single and have no children. They lead an active life and have higher than average spending income. Below are more key facts and figures about this market segment.

Most are 18-34 years old.

Even the older Young & Affluent consumers maintain a youthful mindset. They embrace change and new ideas.


The majority are single.

This means they have more time and money to spend on themselves.


More educated than the average 18-49 year old.


They lead a hyperactive social life.

The Young & Affluent are rarely home, which makes them harder to reach. In fact, they spend more time on out-of-home activities than on any other kind of media consumption.


You can also contact us to obtain the results of several researches on consumption habits of Young & Affluent, specific to you industry.

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