Newad digital - a more relevant than ever offer

While the digitalisation of advertising services is fully underway at Newad, recent publications have come to confirm the relevance of digital advertising (specifically Digital-Out-of-Home or DOOH), as a strategic media choice.

According to a recent report from Zenith Media [1], OOH is the only medium that will show a positive growth in the coming years, with the exception of the internet (that will take-in about 51% of the total Canadian media budget in 2019). In fact, OOH is predicted to grow 3.9% and reach 585 Million dollars by 2019. This growth is mainly fueled by the increase in availability of DOOH ad inventory.

Last February, the Ocean Outdoor UK Company published results from its most recent study [2] revealing that DOOH now exceeds mobile and video-on-demand as the medium having the largest growth potential, according to the media specialists and agency leaders surveyed. These experts were also asked their thoughts on DOOH media in general. Their answers indicated that they perceive DOOH to be a creative (83%), dynamic (94%), exciting (70%) and modern (87%) medium. In short, things are looking good for DOOH and for Newad, having already invested heavily into the digitalisation of its inventory.

Growth is also apparent in the media and tech industry at large, where new players come to reinvent ways of planning and buying advertising.  By way of example, Campsite is a new DSP, SSP and exchange designed specifically for DOOH that applies programmatic buying principles to digital-out-of-home ad inventory. Like never before, Campsite allows DOOH media buyers and sellers to engage automatically within a marketplace designed to integrate with all aspects of the digital process, bringing DOOH into the truly digital realm.  

In summary, the Digital-Out-of-Home industry (including Newad) appears to be playing its cards right by taking advantage of and perpetuating the growth of OOH through digitalization of the medium. It’s clear that in an industry where ad investment drives growth (or lack thereof as evidenced by Zenith’s indicated decline in spending from here until 2019 for other media: newspapers (-27%), magazines (-15%), television (-7%) and radio (-1,5%)) it’s those that evolve alongside advertisers that will share in the growth.

[1] Advertising Expenditure Forecasts March 2017

[2] New Ocean Outdoor study shows the growth potential of DOOH as a medium that agencies trust