Photo credit: Page Facebook du Tiradito

Focus on our seafood-loving partners

We're showcasing two restobar partners for your summer dinners in Montreal!



In a high-ceilinged building in Montreal’s international neighborhood, a 7-foot-large neon condor watches over the crowd gathered around the central open kitchen of Tiradito.
Tiradito, which gets its name from a popular Peruvian raw-fish-based dish reminiscent of ceviche, is a Nikkei-inspired restaurant. Nikkei cuisine is the mouth-watering marriage of traditional Peruvian flavours and Japanese culinary tradition. The dishes—mostly tapas-sized portions—boast fresh fish served uncooked or lightly grilled.
Whether you’re looking to pair your delicious dish with an adult beverage or simply out for drinks, you’re in for a real treat: the cocktails are positively sumptuous. The clear favourite? The Pisco Sour, a classic Peruvian concoction made of pisco, green lemon juice, and egg-white emulsion. A caveat: Tiradito is a bar, so go drink and be merry, but leave the kids at home.

Photo credit : Tiradito's Facebook page

Ferreira café

Ferreira Café, the Portuguese landmark nestled in Montreal’s renowned Golden Square Mile, recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary, which, in the restaurant business, is quite remarkable. The Mediterranean-accented restaurant serves up a range of delicious delicacies to please any palate—from tuna tartare to filet mignon to rack of lamb, to name a few—but the menu favourite has always been the fresh fish, which is prepared in its most basic form: perfectly grilled and seasoned only with the finest olive oil and a pinch of sea salt, in keeping with Portuguese culinary tradition.
If the first 20 years of the restaurant are any indication, it’s safe to say that Ferreira Café will be grilling up gourmet dishes for another 20 years—and likely many, many more. 

Photo credit : Ferreira Café's Facebook page.