Newad announces today the winners of Art Here 2017!

We are excited to announce the names of the 15 winners of the ninth edition of the Art Here’s national visual arts contest.

This year’s winners were selected amongst 802 artists who respectively submitted 1,066 illustrations, photographs, paintings, sculptures and digital artworks, which are currently displayed on

In early February, an independent jury shortlisted 35 pieces of art and from those, the Canadian public was subsequently invited to vote for their favourites. With over 11,000 tallied votes, the 15 artwork winners have been designated as follows:   

The 2017 Art Here winners are: Antoine Bellerose (QC), Christine St-Onge (QC), Danielle Cole (ON), Diego Lara Maceiras (BC), Faye Boulanger (QC), Gabriel Moreau (QC), George Nesis (ON), John Naboye (AB), Josh Harnack (AB), Leonid Sheshin (BC), Matt Lambert (BC), Sophie Wilkins (BC), Tess Edwards (AB), Vania Tchekoff (QC) and Wade Edwards (BC).

Art Here is a philanthropic initiative by Newad, the digital indoor advertising leader in Canada. Images of the winning works of art will be displayed through Newad’s national advertising network throughout the year. 

“Newad is proud to offer many artists the opportunity to display their artwork across Canada. This year, 15 grand prize winners, in addition to 800 artists, got to share their vision on the portal.  For nearly 10 years now, this Canadian contest boasts visual arts and exposes the potential and creativity of rising artists. Newad is excited to provide an interface to help creators share and showcase their work” says Martine Desjardins, Executive Vice-President, Marketing, Communications and Content.

Art Here 2018: the contest is open!
Launched in 2009, Art Here is an annual contest that rewards artists who submit artwork through its free platform at The 2018 edition is open to artists until December 31, 2018. Participants may submit their illustrations, photographs, paintings, sculptures and digital artworks online. Since the inception of the contest, 4,000 artists have submitted 6,300 images via the free uploading and viewing platform.