Transat : a custom campaign for the FIFA World Cup

A strategic use of Newad’s digital boards to enhance target engagement: a Transat custom campaign for the FIFA World Cup. 

Client - Transat
Agency - Sid Lee
Campaign – FIFA World Cup

June 14, 2018 to July 15, 2018

Transat is a Canadian tourism company based in Montreal, offering flights, vacation packages, as well as hotel accomodations. For its most recent campaign, they called on Newad to create an initiative related to an international event : the FIFA World Cup.

In order to promote its featured destinations from Montreal and Toronto, Transat wanted to take advantage of the broadcast of the soccer matches to offer tours in the countries participating in the event.

Due to Newad’s digital offer, Transat was able to take advantage of an accurate targeting of establishments in order to reach its target, combined with a dayparting strategy to optimize its advertising budget and enhance its audience’s engagement.


Portugal and France, from Montreal
Portugal and UK, from Toronto


Generate an interest for Transat’s featured destinations to its target audience.


Use the FIFA World Cup’s leverage, which is one of the most popular televised events in the world (with a worldwide audience of 3.2 billion at-home spectators based on the definitive numbers provided by FIFA and KantarSport in 2014) in order to promote destinations such as France, England and Portugal offered by Transat.


The client chose to adapt the creative to each of the target countries using the specific term to this region of the world to maximize its chances of captivating the sports audience.
Therefore, it read:

  • “ Home is where we call it futebol ” (Portugal)

  • “ Home is where we call it football ” (UK)


Transat optimized its advertising budget by only broadcasting the advertisement when it was the most pertinent, be it when the target country was playing a match.


Audience and venues

Transat identified two main targets for its campaign.

  • The Portuguese, English and French diaspora in the cities of Toronto and Montreal

In order to assure an effective presence in the establishments of the target audience, the FIFA World Cup was deemed a flagship event, uniting all members of the targeted communities.

  • Sports fans over the age of 18

Newad subsequently selected sports-oriented venues in its Restobar network  with at least 3 televisions. In addition, the targeted neighborhoods provided the client with a high concentration of the targeted audience.


During the games of the selected teams – Portugal and France for the Montreal market, and Portugal and UK for the Toronto market – the corresponding creatives were displayed on the digital boards of the bathrooms of the establishments.

The digital strategy was paired with a printed display portion using Newad’s classic boards to ensure that all possible bathroom ad space was maximized.