A successful dayparting campaign for Budweiser and Newad

The Budweiser Red Light was introduced in 2013, its purpose was to hype up hockey fans after a hiatus in the regular season. As a tribute to the ultimate symbol of the best moments in hockey – the goals – the special goal-synced pint glasses were part of the clever way for Budweiser to remain true to its global strategy: owning the moment of a goal.

This year, Budweiser decided to adapt this great tactic to baseball and take the Jays’ homeruns to a whole new level. Needless to say that when Newad was asked to collaborate on a custom campaign for Budweiser’s Blue Jays Home Run glasses, we knew we could help them in taking this dynamic idea and elevating it to fully take advantage of what Digital Out-of-Home has to offer.


Part 1 / Objectives and Challenges

Every Budweiser campaign and activation must align with a global sports strategy while maintaining a local flavor. The Blue Jays Home Run glasses, well-known thanks to its predecessors, is an easy fit for “real fans”; those who are faithful to the season calendar, making every game a viewing party.

The main objectives :

  • Place the brand in the middle of the consumers’ lives
  • Draw the attention of “true fans”

The challenge:

  • Create a new habit, an unavoidable trend, a need for owning the glasses


Part 2 / The strategy :

Following these clear objectives, establishing a strategy that supports Budweiser’s core role as “the proud supporter of supporters” was a fairly easy task.  How could Budweiser, in addition to providing these technological homerun-synced glasses, become even more of an indispensable companion to the Jay’s fans? By acting as the guardian of the calendar and bookkeeper of the baseball team’s stats, that’s how.
The campaign would have 3 different creatives, every time including the Blue Jays Home Run glasses in action.

1 - Would be displayed on Game Days between 11AM and PM, with the game time automatically updating each day depending on the season calendar.

2 - Would be displayed on Game Days from 3PM onwards, with a homerun tracker that would automatically be updated whenever the Blue Jays hit a homerun.

3 - Would be displayed on days where there were no games are scheduled, a generic ad promoting the Blue Jays Home Run glasses.


Part 3 / The execution:

In order to fully execute this dayparting strategy, our research team had to purchase an access to a sport statistics provider and then develop a custom feed connected to the sports’ info. Hence, each morning, the selected boards for this campaign would reset, connect to the feed and detect which creative and timewould be broadcasted. This automated process took place from April 9th to June 3 2018 on over 600 digital screens across the country.


The Results

In other words?  Newad is able to deliver fully customizable campaigns, whether is it for dayparting or showing real-time creatives.  The DOOH part of the promotion left the client completely satisfied. The overall reaction of the public was higher than expected and the glasses flew off the shelves. Now, all that is left is that the Jays’ make it all the way to the World Series!