Newad is proud to be Canada’s first indoor advertising company to enhance its offer with the introduction of mobile targeting across the entire digital and static inventories of its Restobar, Campus and Arena networks.

Indoor advertising is often characterized as a “traditional” advertising vehicle, but that hasn’t stopped it from embracing the digital shift and experiencing a bona fide renaissance. Whether it be thanks to campaigns’ accelerated launch timelines or the introduction of new possibilities for dissemination, indoor has become a much more flexible and responsive media.

This new era in indoor advertising points to a simplification of the planning stages. Newad achieves this by relying on completely anonymized mobile data, which was previously the preserve of digital media such as web and mobile.


Today’s consumers are always on the move, with nearly 70% of their time spent outside the home. In most cases, they carry around a mobile device and produce a considerable amount of data at every stage.

Venues that are part of Newad’s networks are now identified by a polygon, which indicates their exact location. When users authorize one or many applications to access their anonymized geolocation data, it is possible to identify the exact whereabouts of a phone and determine whether it entered a polygon – i.e., if its owner visited a specific venue. By looking at the mobile apps downloaded conclusions may be drawn about user demographics and behaviours. The user doesn’t have to open the application while visiting the establishment for the information to be detected.

The data detected is then analyzed and labelled to obtain audience profiles for each establishment, thus making it possible to deliver simplified results to advertisers.

The data is filed under one of three different determinative categories:

Brands can now target clearly defined audiences and rely on a uniform methodology, thus enabling an optimal selection for an effective campaign. Because the data detection process is the same across our entire offer, selecting boards can be done in one simple step!



Firstly, the use of a method based on consumers’ mobile footprints makes it possible to link up establishments with the type of individuals who visit them, and subsequently to identify particular interests. One can then begin disseminating targeted messages at given locations and obtain a high engagement rate. Speaking to the right target, at the right place and the right time has never been so true! 

Collecting this anonymous mobile data also allows for the creation of a perfect loop in the advertising ecosystem. It not only facilitates the planning and broadcasting steps, but also everything that follows. What’s more, data is regularly updated, to maintain a high level of accuracy.

Mobile retargeting, for example, is a strategy that involves interacting with a consumer previously exposed to a display product. A second, personalized advertising message is then broadcast to their device. These cohesive narrative campaigns, which combine traditional indoor advertising with mobile, can now be carried out by collaborating with Newad. They will increase the effectiveness of mobile ads by lending them even more credibility.
The digital landscape also allows us to be more adaptive, proactive and universal. It is now easier to compare the results of different strategies, for instance between those solely involving indoor advertising and those combining indoor with mobile retargeting.

One thing is certain: the advent of mobile data will definitely have a positive outcome on Newad’s business practices. Whether to facilitate the planning stage or to obtain more accurate reports, we’re confident that this will be of great benefit to our clients.

The audience profiles determined through mobile data are already available. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover the full scope of possibilities.