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SUWU describes itself as a neighbourhood bar. Having called the mythical Main its home for the past few years, we keep coming back for the ambiance and cocktail list, but above all for the eclectic and warm decor. It’s one of the first projects carried out by Amlyne Phillips and her firm La Chambre Design, after which it was also entrusted with the design of Groupe A5’s other establishments (most notably Apt. 200, Fitzroy and Kampai Garden). Many of her style hallmarks are present: the mix of vintage objects unearthed here and there, and the abundance of plants. Menu-wise, it’s all about the reinvented classics with a mac-and-cheese-flavoured grilled cheese, a sea bream ceviche or a fish taco, served in tapas-sized portions for added convenience. 

Photo courtesy of SUWU


The youngest sibling of sorts to the popular Grinder and Hachoir, Makro is the latest venture of Jean-François Corriveau, one of the city’s busiest restaurateurs. As its name suggests, Makro’s menu spotlights an assortment of fish and seafood. In a décor reminiscent of Mexico, and Tulum, to be more specific—that charming, boho-themed city—patrons savour oysters, octopus or fish, served fresh or as tartare dishes. Serious revellers will be delighted to learn that owners have also opened a secret bar in the basement called King Crab, to keep the nights going just a little longer.

Photo courtesy of Makro

Broken Coconut

Their popularity shows no signs of abating, and they keep spreading at a breakneck pace throughout the city: so-called “hidden” bars! These establishments, often found in the basement or rear of businesses located on Montreal streets, always prove to be a small or huge surprise for their guests. One of the latest secret bars to see the light of day is Broken Coconut, founded by the Venice MTL owners and situated just underneath it on Notre-Dame Street. The décor is relaxed, warm and enveloping. Rum spirits take centre stage in this bar that captures a Havana vibe. The cocktails, for their part, pay tribute to hot countries from Venezuela to Puerto Rico, from Brazil to Martinique.

​Photo courtesy of Broken Coconut



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