It ain’t always easy to explain how we make a living (especially at those big family gatherings). In such moments, we stick to a simple script: Newad is a media company that has proven to be particularly skilled at reaching influential adults aged 18 to 49 through indoor advertising. Advertisers come to us with their ads, we frame them and get back to them with results. Easy breezy, n’est-ce pas?

In a nutshell

Why us?

Because the “18-to-49-year-old affluent adult” profile pretty much sums up who we are (us, and 5.2 million other Canadians who also fit the bill).

Our superpower?

We were given the gift of staying up late and still making it to the office on time the next morning. #TryThat

Our favourite colour?

Gold, Silver or Bronze. In other words, we really like to win things: it makes our mothers swell with pride.

Our greatest regret?

We would have loved to invent cute cat videos. #noshame

Our dream destination?

The moon. We still have our doubts that the Amercians actually made it there.


Michael Reha (El Presidente) quits his job at a law firm with a “Ciao Bye” scribbled on a Post-it and swiftly proceeds to launch Newad in Toronto.
We make new friends on the West Coast and open offices in Vancouver and Edmonton.
We decide Montreal sounds like a pretty great city to set up our head office. Plus, we were suffering from serious poutine withdrawal and our long distance charges were getting out of hand.
We survive the Y2K bug, celebrate being alive and open offices in Calgary and Moncton, so we can sprinkle the “from coast to coast” bit into conversations like a boss.
To considerably spice things up and give ourselves a legitimate reason to stay up super late, we buy culture mag NIGHTLIFE.
You could say we came to maturity and embraced commitment right about here. We join the Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB) and launch Traffik, a measurement tool for impressions generated by indoor advertising, which is accredited by COMB. Zoom Media buys a license to use our unique methodology. BOOYAH.
NIGHTLIFE celebrates its 10th anniversary. We remember the good times and throw an epic bash to keep the new memories coming.
Newad turns 15. To mark the occasion, we consider buying a unicorn. Ultimately, we settle on a makeover.
We acquire all of Zoom’s indoor advertising networks (except for Fitness, because we think we're in pretty good shape already). In addition to expanding our offering, we treat ourselves to a Quebec City office. Still waiting on the Nordiques to make a comeback!

Michael Reha's Biography


In 1995 Michael Reha said sayonara to his days not being his own boss and founded Newad. Back then, selling ads in bathroom stalls was no easy feat. For Michael however, who already had a few impressive accomplishments under his belt (namely a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Law, in addition to a career as a lawyer), no challenge was too great.

Newad is anything but your average indoor advertising company and with the success of the business came fancy titles. In 2000 Michael was named president and by 2010 he made acquaintance with three meaningful letters (C.E.O). Regardless of labels, his involvement and passion for the company has always remained the same.