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Female Representation

Hockey? A guy's sport? Says who!? 36% of the people who visit arenas are actually women. Whether they’re part of the on-ice action or cheering for their future Olympians (or so they hope), it’s for certain that, they too, will notice the ads.

Prolonged Exposure

More than two thirds of people who visit arenas go at least once a week for approximately 2 hours; that’s what we call a prolonged exposure. Not to mention, it’s probably more time than what you spend at those “cherished” visits to the in-laws.

Active Lifestyle

People from this network tend to spend a hefty penny on a variety of activities and equipment related to their lifestyle. Whether it’s an adventurous outing, a sports trip or a new piece of gear, they’re ready to splurge. As long as it’s related to their favorite activities, well they’re just thrilled.

The Crowd

This networks' crowd

Vince, 25

  • Works for a start-up company
  • Gets around on his longboard
  • Attends sporting events on the regular (football, soccer, boxing, hockey etc.)
  • Is part of a hockey league with his buddies from university
  • Studied commerce in school, not for the classes though
"I have a lot of important files to take care of: Julie, Sarah and Melissa"

Jennifer, 35

  • Mom of an eight year old boy who plays hockey, even in the summertime
  • Owns a jeep
  • Manages her own architecture firm
  • Goes on two scuba-diving trips per year
  • She's a pro at balancing work life with family life, much to the envy of all her friends
"I can't live without my pilates class"

Mark, 42

  • Newly single contractor
  • Visits the barbershop routinely
  • Plays goalie on his ice hockey team
  • Owns a cottage
  • Only puts his BBQ away in November
"All-dressed double cheeseburger with extra bacon"

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