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Faculty Segmentation

Behind every mac & cheese bowl there could hide one of tomorrow’s leaders. Recruiting medical, commerce or arts & science students for future job opportunities is easy; no matter the faculty, if it exists, we can reach them.

Optimal Investment

With this network, you’re guaranteed to reach students because you’re in their immediate environment (right on campus). The odds don’t get much better than 100%, meaning your investment gets an A+.

Long-Term Loyalty

For the first time in their lives, consumers in this network (aka students) are purchasing products they never had to buy before (think laundry detergent, insurance or their first credit card). It’s a crucial time to foster brand loyalty, especially considering the fact that these types of consumer-product “relationships” can last a lifetime. Might as well make it count.

The Crowd

This networks' crowd

Jacob, 19

  • Law student
  • Drives his parents old Acura
  • Spends his weekends snowboarding and enjoying après-skis
  • Devout user of Tinder
  • Takes forever to respond to his text messages
"That’s dope bro. Sick edit!!"

Mandy, 22

  • Studies in nursing
  • Has been living with her boyfriend for two years now
  • Is a member of a Hot Yoga studio and goes daily
  • Makes her own almond milk
  • Writes for a health blog
"Ideally, you should eat your fruits at the beginning of a meal"

Kelly, 24

  • Works as a community manager during the day
  • Takes night courses for a certificate in management
  • Gets around by bike in the summer and bums lifts from friends in the winter
  • Snaps pictures with a camera that's worth just as much as her school tuition
  • Secretly longs to find her prince charming
"I usually kill time on"

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