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Precise Segmentation

You know what they say; birds of a feather flock together. People associate their own identity (brand) to the places where they want to be and be seen. With this network, placing your campaign in areas where you wish to target people with a specific set of interests is a no brainer. Whether it’s an establishment that reaches hard-core vegetarians or café campers, the target is hard to miss when we’re told where to aim.

Favorable Environment

There’s no arguing that web and social media have made their mark, but life outside of cyberspace is still significant. Just think of Restobars as the Tinder of real life and the original meaning of “social networking” suddenly makes a lot more sense. Ad space that lives in an innately favorable environment for social encounters such as Restbars can only bring good things.

Strong Industry

Advertising in this network is a safe bet for your investments. People are consuming newspapers, television and radio differently now, but who says no to a good ol’ happy hour? Not only that, but who can we always count on to be at that happy hour? Our boards, because FYI, indoor advertising is still going strong.

The Crowd

This networks' crowd

Ashley, 24

  • Has a bachelor’s degree in communications
  • Lives with her sister
  • Running is her sport of choice
  • Binge watches television series on the internet
  • Refuses to eat leftovers
"I thought the kale trend would be over by now"

Gabriel, 32

  • Video game developer
  • Just bought his first condo, there’s no balcony but the rooftop terrace will do just fine
  • Engaged to a painter
  • Avid rock climber
  • Owns a few bitcoins
"Sometimes I miss Mega Man… the second one though, not the first lol."

Greg, 41

  • Owner of an income property
  • Often travels for his work as a representative of a technology company
  • Member of swanky sports club
  • Visits a wine vineyard at least twice a year and then talks about it all year long
  • He likes the idea of being eco-friendly but still chooses to drive
"Organic wine, now that’s what it’s all about!"

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