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Prolonged Exposure

With an average wait time of 40 minutes at the Doctor’s office, the only one to feel that it’s not too long is the advertiser. It’s the perfect opportunity to promote your products!

Captivating Product

These days, people are often glued to a screen of some sort. When stuck in a waiting room with a slick digital advertising screen and an October 1994 magazine, the choice of entertainment is pretty obvious.

Niche Target

This network also means reaching medical specialists across the country, directly where they work, no appointments needed.

The Crowd

This networks' crowd

Paolo, 34

  • Elite Judo coach
  • Dad of a one year old son
  • Loves working out in outdoor trekfit parks
  • During the weekends he makes audio mixes on his Mac computer
  • Gave up on the paleo diet 6 months ago
"I just posted a new WOD online"

Kayla, 27

  • Aspiring actress
  • Spends her holidays at her parents cottage
  • Started a small crochet business
  • Met her boyfriend at an acrobatique yoga class
  • Is planning a long trip to Europe
"Couch surfing or hostels? I’ll decide once I get there"

Michelle, 21

  • Dentistry student
  • Exercises at the pool four times a week
  • Watches old series on her iPad on Netflix
  • Her first cellphone was a smartphone
  • Doesn’t use the car her parents offered her
"I’m the perfect mix between Phoebe and Monica"

Products Available

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