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Why Out-of-Home Advertising?

Avoiding ads is easy; from hitting the fast-forward button when watching a pre-recorded show, to downloading a little something called Adblock on our computers. Avoiding out-of-home advertisements though, that’s another story. The digital world is great and all but people still have to leave their homes (Think: groceries, meetings, life!). As it stands, the power of OOH advertising is still alive and (very) well. #HereToStay

Why indoor advertising?


Because indoor advertising is a non-intrusive media.

On the contrary, it’s actually quite well-mannered and a charming addition to its environment because unlike ads that interfere with other media, indoor advertising doesn’t interrupt or annoy. There’s nothing more frustrating than listening to a car ad jingle in the middle of your favorite series.


Because the advertisement is seen for a longer period of time.

A billboard ad on the highway is gone before you know it, whereas the exposure to an indoor ad in washrooms lasts for an average of 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Which one do you think has the bigger impact?

Why the Astral Network?

Yes, Astral means a vast national coverage and a perfectly diversified offer. But it’s also much more than that, it’s:

An Enticing Offer

A simplified media buying offer, because our adorned network accounts for the majority of the best establishments out there.

Precise Segmentation

Specific plans, custom built on demand, because precise segmentation is pretty much what makes us, us.

Endless Opportunities

Creative opportunities that exceed the limits of our boards or the corners of our banners.

A Dream Team

And, above all, a team who can bring the ULTIMATE solution to the table, one that corresponds exactly to what you’ve always wanted, without even knowing it.