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350% growth in 9 months, Newad OnLine reaches the 125 million monthly page views mark

Toronto – Less than 12 months after its launch, the Newad OnLine advertising network reached the milestone of 100 represented websites today, offering advertisers a monthly total of 125 million page views courtesy of 7.4 million web users. In light of these better than expected results, Newad OnLine consolidates its position in the industry with the appointments of Martine Desjardins as Executive Vice President and Faebri Michetti as Account Executive, Newad OnLine in Toronto. Newad teams in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary are also mobilized to boost development opportunities in this ever-growing sector.


Based in Montreal and part of the Newad family for the past 11 years, Martine Desjardins is appointed Executive Vice President of Newad Web, which now includes the networks and properties of Newad OnLine, Content and Publishing. Faebri Michetti holds extensive professional experience in Toronto agencies. He’ll be responsible for the management and sales of Newad OnLine’s French and English networks in Toronto. A graduate of Mohawk College and Sheridan College, he most notably refined his expertise at Mediacom and MacLaren MRM.

“Today, no other Canadian company is better equipped to meet the demands and expectations of advertisers targeting the Young & Affluent in the country’s major cities. The rapid growth of Newad OnLine is a testament to our teams’ ability to successfully connect brands with perfectly targeted consumers. One of our strategy’s most significant results is a click rate for each campaign that largely sits above industry standards,” explains Martine Desjardins. 

Newad OnLine’s network is now comprised of 50 English sites and 52 French sites, namely Vancity Buzz, ClubVibes, TorontoStandard, NIGHTLIFE.CA, and TonPetitLook. These make up a cluster of niche Web destinations that fit into one of four main networks: Lifestyle, Students, Sports and Shopping. Recent advertisers include Rogers, Perrier, Telus, Warner Music, McDonald’s, Molson M, Old Spice, Mountain Dew, Chevrolet, Royal Bank of Canada and Lipton.

About Newad

Newad reaches the highest concentration of the Young & Affluent in Canada by guiding millions of consumers to four targeted platforms: Indoor, with 21,500 digital and classic boards in over 3,000 establishments and 36.5 million impressions delivered each week; Experiential Marketing, with the production of 250 promotional events per year; Publishing & Content, with numerous Web properties reaching 450,000 visitors each month and the production of branded content (photos & videos, mobile applications, contests, social media management, white label content); and Web, including the Newad OnLine advertising network delivering, each month, 125 million pages views and 7.4 million visitors. Recipient of many prizes rewarding its creativity and innovation, Newad’s 350 employees set the trends in its Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Moncton offices.

* According to latest comScore data


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