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An accelerated growth of 30% in only 24 months Newad Indoor delivers over 50 million impressions per week

Montreal, July 3rd, 2013. – Newad, the Canadian leader in marketing solutions targeting the Young & Affluent, is announcing today the results of an accelerated growth by delivering more than 50 million impressions to the country’s advertisers every week. Newad’s offering has jumped 30% in only 24 months thanks to its exponential growth in digital advertising that now amounts to 3,650 digital boards available in its RestoBars, Nightclubs and Sports networks.

Newad Indoor: a digital focus

Let’s remember that in February 2011 Newad invested eight million dollars in the purchase of a new generation of digital boards. In October of that same year, the company added 1,000 screens in nightclubs as a result of a strong partnership. In February 2012, Newad signed an exclusive deal with the fifty or so La Cage aux Sports restaurants, the leader in sports-type restaurants and bars in Quebec, including its digital network Cage TV (over 1,500 screens). Then, in February 2013, Newad announced an exclusive representation agreement for all advertising formats (including 100 digital screens) to be used in Canadian locations of Canlan Ice Sports Corp., the largest owner of multifunctional recreational buildings in North America.

“At the dawn of its 19th birthday, Newad is re-establishing its leadership position in Canada by fully meeting the requirements of its ever-growing number of advertisers who benefit from the superior performance of its advertising network”, states Michael Reha, President and CEO of Newad. “The success of Newad’s 360 Solution results from a series of acquisitions and strategic agreements over the last few months which have allowed us to deliver creative and innovative campaigns. The expansion of Newad OnLine’s advertising network, the array of our Websites targeting the Young & Affluent, our use of NFC technologies as well as our innovative initiatives in Experiential Marketing have contributed to these results and unparalleled growth, thanks to the mobilization and efforts of our teams.

Philippe Marchessault, Executive Vice-President, Operations, Development & Innovation of Newad, emphasizes that “Newad Indoor will announce new initiatives that will allow it to distance itself even more from its close competitors in the digital advertising world over the next few months.”

Newad is a member of the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) and the Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB).

About Newad

Newad reaches the highest concentration of the Young & Affluent in Canada by guiding millions of consumers to four targeted platforms: Indoor, with 27,650 digital and classic boards in over 3,125 establishments and 50 million impressions delivered each week; Experiential Marketing, with the production of 300 promotional events per year; Publishing & Content, with the production of branded content (photos & videos, mobile applications, contests, social media management, white label content) and numerous Web properties (,, NIGHTLIFE.CA,,, and with over 3.7 million page views each month; and Web, including the Newad OnLine advertising network delivering, each month, 125 million pages views and 7.4 million visits. Recipient of many prizes rewarding its creativity and innovation, Newad’s 350 employees set the trends in its Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Moncton offices.


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