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The Campus Digital: the high-performance screen available exclusively in the country’s largest student network

Montreal, November 2nd, 2016 – Newad’s digital development team introduced today the Campus Digital, a high-resolution board that represents a major evolution in the advertising tools used in schools. Specifically designed for a student audience, the Campus Digital outclasses everything else currently available in the country’s universities. This new high-quality device is programmed to broadcast a mixture of dynamic and pertinent content, intercut with creative advertising campaigns.

The Campus Digital is a very bright, large-format screen positioned at eye level that displays animated content particularly well. The boards are installed in highly frequented areas of universities in order to ensure optimal reach and a high number of impressions for advertisers. The placement of each board is carefully considered to maximize students’ exposure time. This strategic placement will undoubtedly prove to be a positive factor in meeting the objectives of all advertisers, given that individuals are 41% more receptive to advertisements when they are in public.[1]

Looping content: the new generation of digital experiences
“ We’re offering advertisers the very rare opportunity to target an audience made up solely of students, thereby optimizing each dollar invested. The introduction of digital boards is part of a global digitalization strategy, which is now necessary to ensure that we attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of students who spend time in our network every day. The screens are major assets in creating loyalty, not to mention creating lasting consumption habits in this young clientele ” said Philippe Marchessault, Executive Vice President, Operations, Development and Innovation.

Many of these vertical screens, which measure 70 diagonal inches, are already active in Canada and have been effectively running campaigns since the beginning of the school year. Following conclusive testing periods, advertisers such as 20th Century Fox Films, Lait au chocolat, Mountain Equipment Coop, Fido and Rogers have already started taking advantage of this new broadcasting platform. This new product will without a doubt bolster the number of impressions generated by Newad’s Campus network, which currently stands at more than 34 million impressions per week.

In Canada, the new screens can be found at the University of Ottawa, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto and Humber College. In Quebec, the first establishments to boast the Campus Digital are McGill University and the École de technologie supérieure.

About Newad
Newad is the indoor advertising leader in Canada, reaching the highly coveted segment of influential consumers aged 18 to 49. Through its four specialized networks—Restobar, Campus, Arena, and Business—Newad activates 40,000 digital and static boards daily in 5,000 prime locations. Newad owns the largest network of digital boards in colleges and universities in the country. | #newad #newadspot


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