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EPCOR Value of Water Campaign Makes a Splash in Edmonton Recreation Centers

Edmonton, March 24, 2014 — Alberta-based advertising agency RED The Agency worked with Newad to create a unique experience in five City of Edmonton recreation facilities. Using a combination of custom floor and wall decals, lobby banners, classic boards, rink boards and glass wraps  - EPCOR was able to engage with their customer base in ways that were personable, fun and approachable.

Hilary Tong of Newad worked closely with RED The Agency to achieve the objectives of the campaign. The focus was aimed at raising awareness for all of the services and activities we may take for granted when we think of water – such as the ice we skate on or the pools we splash in. In Edmonton, all of these water-orientated activities are made possible by EPCOR, who’s been keeping the lights on and the water flowing in the city for over 100 years.

Unique, targeted messaging such as “Water for Everything You Love - Like Rinks” on arena rinks, and “The Taste of Victory” next to water fountains was displayed throughout the recreational centers, effectively creating a takeover-like presence. “It’s all about making real-world connection in the places, and ways, that are most meaningful for the audience,” says Dennis Lenarduzzi, RED’s Creative Director, “We wanted to bring water, which is sometimes taken for granted, back to that place of value.”

The campaign ends in late March


EPCOR Utilities Inc, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, builds, owns and operates electrical transmission and distribution networks, water and wastewater treatment facilities and infrastructure in Canada and the United States. In Alberta, EPCOR provides electricity service to more than 620,000 residential and small commercial customers and distributes about 14% of Alberta's energy consumption to approximately 308,900 residential and 34,700 commercial customers in Edmonton. In addition, EPCOR provides water, wastewater, and distribution services to more than 1 million people in 75 Canadian communities and 14 municipalities and 6 counties in the U.S.

About RED The Agency

Founded in 2001, RED The Agency has leading edge competencies in strategy formulation, creative development services, and interactive experience design. The seamless integration of digital, creative, strategic, and social media services is an area of strength. Our in-house digital department allows us to deliver innovative brand experiences through a full complement of online, offline, on the go, and real world platforms. With this philosophy, RED has become one of the largest and fastest growing independent marketing communications agencies in Western Canada. RED is a member of the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) member agency with offices in Vancouver and Edmonton. With the merging of Alberta-based agency MKM into the existing operations of RED in 2012, employs 40 full-time award-winning communications professionals.

About Newad

Newad offers advertisers platforms reaching the Young & Affluent in Canada. The indoor advertising network counts 28,000 digital and static boards delivering 200 million impressions per month. The Experiential Marketing team activates over 300 promotional events per year. The Publishing department produces creative content and manages numerous Web properties such as NIGHTLIFE.CA,,,,,,, and The Newad OnLine network delivers each month more than 500 million page views. Newad’s 350 employees and brand ambassadors work out of their offices in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Moncton.

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