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National visual arts contest Art Here unveils the 15 winners of its 7th edition

May 4, 2016 — Art Here announced today the names of the 15 winners of the seventh edition of its national visual arts contest. This year’s winners were selected from among 1,010 artists who submitted 1,525 illustrations, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and digital artworks.

In early April, an independent jury shortlisted 35 works of art from which the Canadian public was then invited to vote. Over 27,000 votes were tallied and the 15 artworks with the most votes have been designated as winners, now posted on

The 2016 Are Here winners are: Vincent Lin (ON), Frances Sin (BC), Jonah Angeles (AB), Joy Yoo (BC), Manon Morency (QC), Clément Guegan (QC), Monika Meulman (ON), Nathalie Bourdon (ON), Léa Mercante (QC), John Mignolla (QC), William Leslie Truman (QC), Shirley Seguin (QC), Annabelle Nicole (QC), Jonathan Peters (QC), and Melsa Montagne (QC).

Art Here is a philanthropic initiative by Newad, a Canadian indoor advertising company with networks in all of the major Canadian cities. Images of the winning works of art will be displayed through Newad’s national advertising network throughout the year.

“We are very proud to present this year’s 15 winning artworks, which are exceptional in their quality, creativity, and variety. The fact that over 27,000 votes were cast is a testament to the passion Canadians have for the visual arts, and that is excellent news for the artists. We’ll continue to encourage them by giving them the opportunity to share their work and showcase their talent throughout the country,” said Martine Desjardins, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Content, Newad.

Art Here 2017: The contest is open!
Launched in 2009, the Art Here is an annual contest that rewards artists who submit artwork through its free platform at The 2017 edition is open to artists, who have until December 31, 2016, to submit their illustrations, photographs, paintings, sculptures and digital artworks. Since the contest began, more than 2,655 artists have submitted more than 4,000 images via the free uploading and viewing platform.

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