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New Restobar partners in Calgary, Autumn 2016

We have a nice list of new locations in YYC!

The Japanese word Shokunin literally means "artisan" however the philosophy that accompanies this expression goes even further: not only does it mean having technical skills, but it also implies an attitude and social consciousness to serve to community. It goes without saying that the owners of this Japanese brewery did not choose this name on a whim: expect a modern and unique culinary experience.


If you enjoy a cozy and intimate atmosphere, PRLR is a place you will want to discover. PRLR (pronounced Parlor), located at the corner of Kensigton & 10th, is a speakeasy that offers a variety of elaborate cocktails. With such an evocative name and a 60 person room filled with Hip Hop, Soul and R&B rhythms, don’t be surprised if one visit is far from enough.


The Beltliner
The Beltliner is a restaurant inspired by American diners. Situated in the bustling Beltline district, just south of the city center, the name of the restaurant (like the name of the neighborhood) comes from the old Tramway line which criss-crossed the area at the turn of the century. Open 7 days a week, it offers a diverse menu of classic items, prepared with seasonal local ingredients and a lot of love.


Trolley 5
Also inspired by the old tram line of the city, the owners of the artisanal brewery Trolley 5, decided to name their establishment after the number of the wagon that transported the proletarians. A true expression of Calgary pride, its history and its inhabitants, Trolley 5 is a celebration of everyday life. In other words: hospitality, friendships, good food and above all, good beer!

If you ask us, any place with a neon light of Jay-Z lyrics is worth a visit. The team behind Bespoke did not leave anything to chance; every element of the place come together to ensure that you have an unforgettable evening. This nightclub, designed by PDLab, is a first-class experience.


Paper St
A passion for street food is what inspired the group behind Paper St. Experienced and curious nature travelers, their best memories are always of food. This principle is what guides the menu options at Paper St. No matter which country the inspiration comes from; if it’s delicious it’ll be served! Everyone is welcome; however, after 9 p.m. no minors are allowed.  


[Images courtesy of Shokunin, PRLR, CBC (The Beltliner), Trolley 5, PDLab (Bespoke) and United Way (Paper St)]


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