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New Restobar partners in Montreal, Autumn 2016

Montreal is a city with a forever growing list of places to spend memorable nights with the new partners added to our Restobar network.

Particularily with the arrival of group A5.
Need to impress someone by inviting them to a lunch or dinner in the business district? We highly suggest opting for the restaurant nominated as the Best Canadian Restaurant in the En Route magazine, Jatoba.


Or perhaps you’re looking for a restaurant where you will be able to dance the night away, a place that is also oh-so-perfect to boost your instagram status? The anwser is Flyjin, Kampai, Somwhr, Apt.200 or Suwu!


If you really want to let loose, Arcade MTL is the spot. It’s the first bar entirely dedicated to arcades and retro video games in Montreal! No need to drag around a pocket full of change, simply pay at the entrance and enjoy the evening.


Finally, pay a visit to Old Montreal’s newest addition Emiliano’sA restaurant that offers traditional homecooked Mexicican cuisine. 


[Images courtesy of Jatoba, Flyjin (Martin Girard), ArcadeMTL and Emiliano's.]


Lisa-Marie Veillette
Supervisor, Branding & Communications
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