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New Restobar partners in Quebec, Autumn 2016

Take a few minutes to discover our new partners located in the capital of La Belle Province!

Cécile & Ramone
The daily paper Le Soleil called Cécile & Ramone the Québécois Hard Rock Café. This is not surprising given that the owner is also a Harley-Davidson dealer. At Celine & Ramone you will find a lively atmosphere, a room that can accommodate 250 guests and you’ll probably leave with an itch to plan a road trip!

Le clocher penché
For more than 10 years, the co-owners of Le Clocher Penché have been actively involved in the revitalization of the St-Roch neighborhood, located in lower Quebec City. Situated in an old bank, the artisans behind the bistro draw their inspiration for their dishes from the characteristics of their local suppliers: consistency, simplicity, generosity and love of the trade.


Shaker, Kitchen & Mixology
Three branches of this trendy Restobar chain already exist and rumor has it that there are still more to come. Open every day from 11am to 3am, Shaker, Kitchen & Mixology offer cocktails, tartars and gourmet burgers. Whether you’re going for a light lunch or a night complete with dinner and drinks, you will not be disappointed.   


[Images courtesy of Bookenda]


Lisa-Marie Veillette
Supervisor, Branding & Communications
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