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Newad and IDS Canada team up for Wellness Inventory

Montreal, September 27, 2018 - Newad announces today a partnership with IDS Canada, a leader in marketing solutions in the healthcare industry. Through this new partnership, Newad will, with IDS’s own salesforce,  exclusively represent and sell inventory from IDS’s Wellness specialized network, with over 300 digital ad faces located in the offices of general practitioners nationwide. Available since August 2018 via Newad’s sales force, the Wellness network offers 3.3 million monthly unique consumer impressions to a wide ranging audience, including parents with young children, seniors and everyone in between.

Nick O’Brien, Vice President at IDS Canada, says: “Paul Whitehead (President) and I, and everyone at IDS Canada, are thrilled to announce this formal partnership with Newad. IDS Canada and the Newad management team have been working behind the scenes to structure a partnership that not only provides a solid foundation for future mutual success, but puts the clients’, and their representative agencies’ interests first. Newad’s dedicated and professional staff, dynamic sales approach and strong reputation are unmatched in the Canadian media landscape. IDS is extremely pleased to add its National Digital & Print Out-of-Home, Field Service and Waiting Room Sampling capabilities to their portfolio. We’re joining OOH forces to bring Canada’s largest consumer-facing healthcare media network to more clients, more efficiently than ever!” confirms O’Brien.

Not only does this network provide advertisers and agencies with access to major, secondary and particularly hard-to-reach markets across Canada, it does so with a multiplatform inventory. IDS Canada offers both print and over 3500 digital options as a gateway to health-conscious consumers and medical professionals. This inventory ensures that advertising brands will benefit from a prolonged exposure, since patients’ waiting time is approximately 40 minutes on average, per visit. After each visit, consumers will have gained enough information to ask their doctor about the products that have engaged them

“We could not be happier with the great targeting opportunities that this partnership offers our customers” says Philippe Marchessault, Executive Vice President, Operations, Development & Innovation at Newad. “Newad is always thriving to present the best products available and this is certainly a great step to deliver great exposure to all of our health-related clients” adds Marchessault.



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IDS Canada is a leader in the point-of-care, healthcare space.  Part of an international organization of over 65,000 healthcare waiting rooms in 13 countries, IDS has been operating in Canada since 1999. They provide consumer health information – through digital, brochures and print poster media –  to over 3.2 million Canadians every month in their more than 1500 family practice clinics across the country.  Our 65 field service representatives visit every location and can conduct in-person research and sampling programs for consumers, physicians or the all-important clinic staff.


Newad is the digital indoor advertising leader in Canada, reaching the highly coveted segment of influential consumers aged 18 to 49. Through four specialized networks—Restobar, Campus, Arena and Wellness — Newad activates 40,000 digital and static boards in 6,000 prime locations nationwide, giving advertisers the largest indoor advertising network in the country. Newad’s 135 employees work out of offices in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec City.


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