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Newad announces its biggest ever investment in digital advertising space in Canada

Montreal, September 11th, 2014 – Today, Newad announces its plan to double the number of digital advertising boards in Canada. By the end of 2014 a total of 2,000 screens, active mainly in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax, will be implemented. The investment also includes the addition of 2,000 more digital boards by the end of 2016, bringing the total screen count to 4,000. Newad’s positioning is to provide advertisers with solutions that enable them to reach Canada’s Young & Affluent consumer segment.

“This announcement consolidates our position as the leader in digital signage in Canada. By 2016, our investment will total 10 million dollars, a sum earmarked for technological development and for the custom manufacturing and installation of screens in thousands of restaurants, bars, schools, sports and fitness centers,” explained Michael Reha, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Newad.

Conceived and designed to meet the needs of advertisers, the boards feature exclusive characteristics developed by Newad. The boards are built vertically, making them easier to install in narrow spaces and more conducive to the integration of complementary content to the traditional horizontal images captured for television.

Advertisers will also be given access to Newad’s ad-serving system, giving them the freedom to change or modify their ads on the 22-inch vertical screens depending on a given establishment, day, temperature, or promotional offer that could, for example, be valid for a only few hours in specific markets or establishments. The boards can also feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots, or direct connections to social media. Integrated speakers can enhance the viewing experience through the addition of sound.

“We offer advertisers a world of creative possibilities, defined campaigns, in real time, and access to millions of perfectly targeted, attentive, and captive consumers. The fact that many of the boards are installed in restrooms, a segmentation of men and women often sought after by advertisers, is one hundred percent effective,” explained Brian Wyatt, Executive Vice President, Client Relations and Business Development. Newad’s digital screens currently deliver more than 2 million impressions each week.


About Newad

Newad offers advertisers platforms reaching the Young & Affluent in Canada. The indoor advertising network counts 28,000 digital and static boards delivering 200 million impressions per month. The Experiential Marketing team activates over 300 promotional events per year. The Publishing department produces creative content and manages numerous Web properties such as NIGHTLIFE.CA,,,,,,, and The Newad OnLine network delivers each month more than 500 million page views. Newad’s 350 employees and brand ambassadors work out of their offices in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Moncton.

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