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Newad bolsters its support to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Committed to creating a future without breast cancer, Newad is multiplying its efforts in the Toronto area to step up its support of fundraisers aimed at this worthwhile cause. In addition to the participation of its team members in various financing activities organized by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF), Newad is also directly contributing to the promotion of these fundraising events by being a sponsor. The company's Indoor and OnLine networks will be placed at the service of the CBCF so that it can take advantage of an inventory of highly targeted audiences in order to promote its different activities.

"Breast cancer is a reality that impacts a very large number of people. One out of every nine Canadian women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime, which is why we've decided to get involved more than ever before," states Lino Ricco, Vice President and Regional General Manager, Central Canada, at Newad.

Four roses for our champions!

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation recently recognized Newad's contributions with its Champions for the Cause distinction in view of the company's involvement in various fundraising activities. Newad's Toronto team is slated to take part in four major events in 2013 in addition to being the official sponsor of two of them.

September 10th – Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
Newad will host an exclusive gastronomic benefit event for 375 guests at the Buonanotte Restaurant in Toronto.

September 12th – The CN Tower EdgeWalk Challenge
In order to reach their $10,000 objective, one of Newad’s team members, Lino Ricco, VP and General Regional Manager, Central Canada, will brave dizzying heights at this event in which he will walk around the outside roof of the CN Tower.

October 6 – CIBC Run for the Cure
Newad is one of several local sponsors of this CBCF flagship event. A number of Newad team members will join the 18,000 participants that are expected to take part in this popular fundraiser that generates over $4M each year.

December 7 – Cook for the Cure
Culinary creativity and corporate commitment will go hand in hand at this benefit event in which Newad will take on rival teams to prove its supremacy in the kitchen!

All of these events will be announced on Newad's Indoor and OnLine networks throughout the Greater Toronto area and across Ontario to ensure optimal visibility among the targeted segment of the Young & Affluent.

About Newad

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