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Newad thus becomes the only company in indoor digital signage to be able to provide such a level of precision on audiences.

MONTREAL, JANUARY 23, 2019    –   Newad, Canadian leader in digital indoor advertising, announces today a new partnership with Native Touch, leaders in the mobile advertising ecosystem. This will not only empower brands with location-based consumer insights and targeting capabilities but will allow Newad to introduce an unmatched level of demographic data to indoor advertising in Canada with over 100 different audience segments.

These audience profiles have been created from anonymized mobile data collected via applications of consumers’ telephone detected within our network. While this data detection does not involve any collection of data on the phone owner, it will help provide a clear picture of the people spending time in Newad locations. This audience data will provide practical business intelligence to simplify the planning stages of strategic campaigns.

As advertisers expect more and more precision and results when targeting consumers, combining DOOH with mobile campaigns will now become a possibility since indoor advertising will also use mobile data to define its targeting options. Whether we look at the benefits of cross-screen exposure or the success-rate of sequential marketing, this data will definitely contribute to elevating future campaigns, both in results and efficiency.

“Newad has been at the forefront of the industry for over 20 years because we’ve always been striving to find new ways of better knowing the consumers”, says Marie-Christine Fournier, Director, Strategic Planning & Programmatic Sales. “These mobile data insights are not only an improved way to help our clients reach their target audiences; it is also a substantial step forward for the OOH industry standards” confirms Fournier.

The quality - and very wide potential - of information that was previously only available with programmatic is now available for products in the Newad network; it is certainly a major factor why most media analysts forecast impressive ad spend growth for indoor advertising and the company’s digital shift.


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Newad is the digital indoor advertising leader in Canada, reaching the highly coveted segment of influential consumers aged 18 to 49. Through four specialized networks—Restobar, Campus, Arena and Wellness—Newad activates 40,000 digital and static boards each day in 6,000 prime locations nationwide.
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