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Newad OnLine announces an advertising representation partnership with Loud Mouth Entertainment to promote its Web inventory in Ontario

Toronto, April 2nd, 2013 – Newad OnLine announces the signing of an agreement with Loud Mouth Entertainment (Loud Mouth), a company that specializes in advertising representation for web, mobility and gaming. This Toronto company will support the sale of Newad OnLine’s web-based advertising products in Ontario, a province where Newad manages properties and represents sites that total 45 million page views and 2.8 million unique visitors per month.

“We have identified Loud Mouth as the best partner to expand the efforts of our sales teams in Canada. This strategy will allow us to combine our expertise and surpass our business goals. The selection of Loud Mouth is based on the impressive track record of its president, Jesse Galal, known for his creativity, experience and ability to innovate. Jesse really understands our market and our clients, mostly national brands. As such, he uses each opportunity to suggest high-return solutions to deliver quality platforms and visitors to advertisers and their clients”, emphasizes Martine Desjardins, Vice-President of Newad OnLine.

Founder of Loud Mouth, Jesse Galal will help consolidate the growth of Newad OnLine sales in Ontario. Born in Toronto, he received his Law degree from Ottawa’s Carleton University in 2004. He has worked at Omnicom, Highway Entertainment and Corus. In 2008, he founded Loud Mouth Entertainment, and from 2011 to 2012 he was Executive Vice President of IGA Worldwide, based out of New York City, overseeing global operations. IGA Worldwide is the largest independent network of sales and development of in-game advertising opportunities in the video games industry.

“As an entrepreneur, I have great respect for what Newad has accomplished to date. After working with them for a short time, it’s obvious they have made a sincere commitment to grow all aspects of their digital business. Newad’s focus towards custom executions through owned properties is in perfect parallel with what Loud Mouth strives to provide to our existing clientele. To be selected as a partner to aid Newad in this process is a fantastic compliment to the entire team at Loud Mouth Entertainment”, he states.

About Newad OnLine

Newad OnLine features sites solely endorsed by the Young and Affluent. It encompasses over 100 sites, reaching on a monthly basis more than 7.4 million visitors between the ages of 18 and 49, and generating 125 million page views. Some of its properties and sites represented in Ontario are: Toronto Standard, Urban Toronto, IceSports, Pointstreak, The Escapist, 8 Tracks, Red Nation, Club Crawlers, 33mag and The Pretty Look (TPL).

About Newad

Newad reaches the highest concentration of the Young & Affluent in Canada by guiding millions of consumers to four targeted platforms:

with 21,500 digital and classic boards in over 3,000 establishments and 36.5 million impressions delivered each week;

Experiential Marketing
with the production of 250 promotional events per year;

Publishing & Content
with numerous Web properties reaching 450,000 visitors each month and the production of branded content (photos & videos, mobile applications, contests, social media management, white label content)

Web including the Newad OnLine
advertising network delivering, each month, 125 million pages views and 7.4 million visitors.

Recipient of many prizes rewarding its creativity and innovation, Newad’s 350 employees set the trends in its Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Moncton offices.


Marie-Christine Fournier
Director, Marketing & Communications
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