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Newad taking strides on the Web: Complete overhaul of the NIGHTLIFE.CA website

Montreal, November 18, 2013 — Newad reveals today its brand new NIGHTLIFE.CA Web platform. To celebrate its 15 years in business, the website’s technological and visual aspects were refreshed using only the best the web has to offer, in addition to now featuring native advertising. As the ultimate urban guide to city life, NIGHTLIFE.CA provides its 360,000 readers with everything interesting happening in Montreal, whether it be music, fashion, culture, entertainment or where to go for a good time.

Always seeking the latest trends on the Web, Newad continues to innovate by implementing viewable ads on the NIGHTLIFE.CA website and by being one of the first to offer native advertising. This new ad format introduces ads within the content, in a way that it is relevant and linked to its context, in order to improve the experience of both the users and advertisers. “When well executed, this ad format raises the level of engagement far higher than any other type of ad. The combination of our expertise in content creation and our sales force helps us launch a unique product in the market place”, comments Martine Desjardins, Vice-President, Publishing and Content at Newad.

Aesthetically sleeker, the site is returning to basics by promoting simplified browsing thanks to the infinite scroll on the home page and enhanced photo galleries. Developed in responsive design, the site adapts to any screen (computer, tablet or smartphone), hence facilitating content positioning and maximizing ad space and placement. 

Another interesting new feature is the music player which allows uninterrupted listening of established or “to be discovered” artists and playlists of special guests from the Montreal cultural scene; even as the visitor browses through the site, the music keeps on playing. “When we upgraded the site, it was important for us to bring music to the forefront and reinforce our position when it comes to discovering new music”, states Géraldine Zaccardelli, Editor for NIGHTLIFE.CA.

Not only is NIGHTLIFE.CA reiterating the quality of its content, which is consistently aligned with the latest cultural news, it is also broadening its directory of establishments. The latter is more comprehensive and differs from similar tools thanks to the editorial team’s recommendations and to its geolocator function. NIGHTLIFE.CA is committed to being the reference to know what to do in Montreal and has developed an impressive system that allows the update of the directory on a daily basis. The site also lends more space to its collaborators who now have their own page, complete with their bio and a list of their articles.

“We are proud to launch this newly revamped version of our site to readers and advertisers. Given NIGHTLIFE’s constant growth in popularity with an influential readership, we needed to innovate and create a website that met the expectations of our target market more efficiently”, concludes Martine Desjardins.

NIGHTLIFE.CA in numbers

The NIGHTLIFE.CA website represents close to a million visits and 3 million page views per month. Furthermore, NIGHTLIFE.CA has now crossed another important threshold in its growth by reaching 40,000 Facebook fans!


About Newad

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