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Newad welcomes La Vitrine to its OnLine network

Newad’s OnLine Network announces its new partnership with La Vitrine and becomes the exclusive advertising representative for its website, a site that offers Internet users the most complete cultural calendar in the Greater Montreal area.

“La Vitrine is a prestigious brand, recognized both for the quality of its content and of its visitors. For our advertising partners, this targeted site is relevant and will prove to be very successful. We are happy to have been chosen as this union represents a natural connection between two companies that are actively involved in all cultural aspects”, states Martine Desjardins, Vice-President of Newad OnLine.

This partnership with Newad OnLine is a first for La Vitrine which hopes to diversify its sources of income in order to promote its mission as the cultural flagship of Montreal. “We have sought the most qualified partner to understand our services and transform our site in order to generate a new revenue stream, without affecting our mission. Newad’s proposal was the most attractive in terms of linking potential and cross-promotional activities with other platforms, such as its digital advertising network”, clarifies Nadine Gelly, General Manager at La Vitrine.

While prompting creative solutions, Newad OnLine and La Vitrine will capitalize on two main advertising formats: the Leaderboard and the Bigbox. “We have advised La Vitrine on how to maximize its advertising results. In less than two weeks, many advertisers have already taken advantage of these spaces, namely Pfizer, Mont Saint-Sauveur, Bell Mobility and Labatt Breweries”, points out Alain Briard, Director, Sales, Newad OnLine.


La Vitrine, the hub of Montreal’s cultural scene, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting cultural and artistic activities in the Greater Montreal area. Informational and transactional, La Vitrine’s website allows for a quick and easy access to all paying and free activities, including the purchase of regular or last-minute priced tickets and iTune’s music. The site also features a search tool exploitable by field of interest, location, date, sector and audience. With the most extensive cultural calendar of the Greater Montreal area, produces a detailed program covering over 1,555 broadcasting locations.

About Newad OnLine

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