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Online success story nurtured with passion by its creators: Newad spices up the image and website of a popular food blog

The food blog, which has become a true web sensation, came into being as a result of the fusion of two passions: cooking and photography. Every month, some 69,000 Facebook followers and 100,000 unique visitors fuel the popularity of this website that takes a novel and refreshing approach to the art of preparing and serving food.

With these foundations firmly in place, the blog's founders, Marilou and Alexandre, called upon the knowhow of Newad Web to perform a complete overhaul of their website. Newad's vast expertise in online strategies, coupled with its ad optimization capabilities, enabled the company to present an offer whose overall reach is unique in Quebec and Canada. Moreover, the management of ad placements on will be overseen exclusively by the Newad OnLine division. Featuring a refined style, innovative content and the vibrant energy of its creators, the website represents, more than ever, an exceptional opportunity for advertisers who wish to reach out to the Young & Affluent.

Overhaul and optimization by the Newad Web team

Many improvements were made to the original website so as to offer visitors a true "hands-on" experience in an environment honed for users and advertisers alike. Newad's web specialists came up with a new visual layout to showcase the inspiring nature of the various photos displayed on the site. As a result, images are positioned to ensure they are constantly in view, regardless of the reader's movements on the page at hand or on those linked to similar content.

Applying its polished web and social network distribution techniques, the Newad Web team tagged recipes and articles with optimal keywords using specific categories and criteria to allow for quick retrieval and circulation. The integration of Facebook comments also adds another dimension to the blog by inviting users to express or share their experience. Finally, new recipes are continually displayed at the bottom of the page in order to incite readers to pursue their culinary explorations.

Going into "cookmode"!

A feature that will undoubtedly be appreciated for its practicality, the Cookmode button displays recipes in full screen, thus facilitating usage in the kitchen on a wide variety of devices, including a computer, tablet or mobile phone, thanks to the integration of responsive web design technology. "In the overhaul of this website, our objective was to help Marilou and Alexandre take their blog a step further by optimizing the environment from both a visual and a technological standpoint. Newad Web has acquired a solid expertise in this particular area and the final product confirms our ability to provide high performance solutions to businesses that are evolving on the web," comments Martine Desjardins, Executive Vice-President, Publishing and Content, at Newad.

About Newad

Newad reaches the highest concentration of the Young & Affluent in Canada by guiding millions of consumers to four targeted platforms: Indoor, with 27,650 digital and classic boards in over 3,125 establishments and 50 million impressions delivered each week; Experiential Marketing, with the production of 300 promotional events per year; Publishing & Content, with the production of branded content (photos & videos, mobile applications, contests, social media management, white label content) and numerous Web properties (,, NIGHTLIFE.CA,,,, and with over 3.7 million page views each month; and Web, including the Newad OnLine advertising network delivering, each month, 563 million pages views and 35.8 million visits. Recipient of many prizes rewarding its creativity and innovation, Newad’s 350 employees set the trends in its Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Moncton offices.


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