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Out-of-home Marketing Association of Canada : OOH Advertising Drives Consumer Actions

OOH Advertising Drives Consumer Action

A new survey confirms that OOH advertising continues to be an effective medium in driving consumer action. A TNS survey revealed that over one half (57%) of Canadians age 18+ take some type of action after seeing OOH advertising. While males and females are equally as likely to take action after seeing OOH ads, there are differences across age groups. Young adults age 18-24 were most likely to take action (74%) and adults age 55+ were least likely to take action (45%) after seeing OOH ads.

The most common actions taken after seeing an OOH ad are visiting an advertised website, seeking more information about the advertised product/service and visiting a retail store. Just over one in ten respondents claimed they purchased the advertised product.

OOH advertising was also shown to influence social media interaction. Over one in 10 of Canadians age 18-54 said they had shared information from OOH ads they had seen with their friends and family on social media.

The survey also highlights the growing interest in using mobile devices to interact with mobile enabled OOH ads. When respondents were asked their level of interest in interacting with OOH ads in various ways, 71% said they would be interested in receiving coupons from OOH ads and 59% said they were interested in having immediate access to brand or store information.

“The findings confirm OOH advertising is an effective medium in motivating consumer action. By adding a mobile component to OOH campaigns, marketers can provide consumers with immediate and relevant information about their brands on the path to purchase,” said Rosanne Caron, President: OMAC.

About OMAC

OMAC ( is responsible for promoting the benefits and effectiveness of out-of-home media to advertisers and advertising agencies.  OMAC seeks to develop and implement new initiatives that serve as a resource to the industry and increase understanding of out-of-home media.

OMAC members include Astral Out-of-Home, CBS Outdoor, Cogeco Metromedia, Lamar Transit, Newad, Pattison Outdoor, Titan 360 and Zoom Media.  OMAC members support the communities they do business in by donating more than $10 million annually in advertising space for charities and non-profit organizations.

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