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MONTREAL, January 9, 2019  - Newad strengthens its indoor advertising leadership with today’s announcement that its Arena network is expanding. More than 140 new arenas in some thirty cities have now been added to the network’s portfolio, thereby enabling it to maximize coverage of Canada. Exclusive to Newad, these new digital and print advertising faces supplement the diverse formats and other creative initiatives that have been sold since 2012. This announcement coincides with evidence of growing interest on the part of advertising partners for audiences with significant discretionary income; Newad has observed a more than 35% increase in earnings in the last year for this network.

Newad will now boast more than 8,000 advertising faces spread out over more than 1,000 sites from coast to coast. At present, the country’s biggest arena network can deliver 13.3 million monthly impressions to audiences highly sought-after by advertisers. The majority of them—parents of young athletes, active adults, spectators or even trainers—are present at least once a week for approximately 2 hours, a prolonged exposure that’s attractive to brands.

“The enhancement of our Arena network is in line with our willingness to work jointly with advertisers to implement high-impact solutions that maximize their investments in a large and fast-growing market,” said Jean-Philippe Leduc, Executive Vice President, Client Relations and Business Development at Newad. 


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Newad is the digital indoor advertising leader in Canada, reaching the highly coveted segment of influential consumers aged 18 to 49. Through four specialized networks—Restobar, Campus, Arena and Wellness—Newad activates 40,000 digital and static boards each day in 6,000 prime locations nationwide.




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