We like to share the good news. Big time. We thus felt it important to devote a small section of the site to all those delightful press releases full of five-syllable words. And given that we openly share all that’s going on, that sort of gives you the right to snoop around. a French site for urban mothers

Montreal, April 3rd, 2014 — Twin sisters Josiane and Carolane Stratis, the two passionate women behind the blogs and, launched to share their new experiences as mothers. The site targets urban women who seek an honest look at maternity while looking at it in a fun and candid way.

This collaborative blog looks at maternity with humour and honesty. “Our content alternates between practical advice, opinions, things that shouldn’t be told, discoveries and tips for mothers”, states Josiane Stratis, cofounder and editor. The twins, best known for their easy and quirky approach, want to continue to combine intelligence with humour. “We are not doctors or maternity professionals but two new mothers who want to address all topics without censorship or compromise”, adds Carolane Stratis. Some thirty female collaborators and columnists propose articles such as “An almost perfect bottle”, “What to do as a family this weekend: nothing!” or “Moisture skin rash: under breast itchiness during breastfeeding #NOTHANKS!”. Recently launched, the new site has already attracted 30,100 visitors and 115,285 page views in a 5-day period and 4,200 fans to its Facebook community. was created in responsive design to adapt to the size and orientation of mobile devices and tablets.This comes in handy for mothers taking care of their baby as TPLmoms can be read and commented on with only one hand. This blog’s formula matches the one that lead to the success of Ton Petit Look with music lists including classics such as Radiohead, Coldplay or Bob Marley re-mastered as instrumental music for babies, a best of humorous hits and looks for babies and pregnant mothers. “We want to do our best for the people we love the most!” sums up Josiane. is the youngest child of a large family of Canadian sites dedicated to the young and affluent, totally designed, created and operated by Newad. “For advertisers, this new targeted platform suggests a rich and creative brand experience to a base of active and curious female consumers”, points out Martine Desjardins, Executive Vice-President, Newad Publishing and Content. Let’s remember the success of Ton Petit Look with over 850,000 monthly page views and over 24,000 Facebook fans.

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