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Visual Arts: Newad announces the winners of its 4th ART HERE contest and unveils a new branding to celebrate its 5th anniversary

Newad is proud to announce the names of the 12 winners of ART HERE, a national contest that rewards the best work in the realm of visual arts. Selected by an independent jury, these 12 artworks are on view at As a reminder, the ART HERE contest aims to promote the talent and creativity of Canadian artists by providing them with a nationwide platform to showcase their work. 710 pieces were submitted during the latest edition.

National visibility

The awarded artworks will be broadcast and seen by thousands of people thanks to Newad, which will offer space free of charge throughout its extensive indoor advertising network. These creative exhibits are located in the best establishments of the country’s urban centers. Newad is also responsible for the entire logistics component around the installation. What’s more, the winners also benefit from additional visibility on the contest’s website. The ART HERE recipients are: Joel Mackenzie (Halifax), Vanessa Duval (Montreal), Kirsten McCrea (Toronto), Maude Plante-Husaruk (Montreal), Nicolas Tarragoni (Montreal), Dan Springer (Toronto), Natasha Broad (Vancouver), Joseph Ghaleb (Montreal), Colin Canary (Halifax), Monique Silviani (Oka), Anna Jane McIntyre (Montreal), Dedos (Vancouver).

A new website to better share and enjoy the creative works

In addition to its new look, ART HERE unveils a brand new platform where artists can conveniently submit their work and where visitors can share their appreciation.  In addition to the "like" option, images can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The most liked images will therefore be getting better exposure on the ART HERE website. Specific artworks, selected by Newad’s creative team as Editor’s Picks, will also benefit from increased visibility: the Editor’s Pick will be updated regularly on the website.

ART HERE : Launch of the 5th edition

Today’s announcement also marks the launch of the 5th edition of this countrywide contest. Thus, the ART HERE team invites artists to submit their work, whether it be painting, photography or illustration art, effective immediately, by visiting  A new feature this year, in addition to the visibility already provided through the indoor advertising boards, winners will benefit from additional exposure on Newad’s web platforms, which include NIGHTLIFE.CA.

"The Newad team is happy to carry out one if its objectives with ART HERE by supporting and promoting emerging artists from across the country. The exposure offered through this contest is a fantastic way for Newad to showcase homegrown talent and give back to the arts community," comments Marie-Christine Fournier, Newad’s Marketing & Communications Director in charge of the contest. In response to concerns raised by a few artists, Newad has further clarified the terms of use, as well as the broadcast rights and restrictions related to the submitted works.

About Newad

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